plast 70 جرم نسوز پلاستیک 70% آلومینا

جرم کوبیدنی- پلاستیک فسفاتی نسوز. بر پایه بوکسیت، شاموت و اسید فسفریک، دارای خواص نصبی و کارپذیری بسیار خوب، استحکام حرارتی مناسب و کمترین تغییرات حجمی بعد از پخت.

High alumina, phosphate-bonded plastic material that is used throughout the metals, power, cement, and lime producing industries. Its chemical bond develops high strength at lower temperatures. This property makes it ideal for application where there is insufficient heat to develop the ceramic bond required in heat-setting plastics.

Note: The data are averaged results of laboratory test procedures. These are not typical of field samples. The data is subject to reasonable variations and should not be used for specification purposes. No guarantees are implied, as results may vary due to installation techniques, forming methods, and conditions. ISIRI and ASTM procedures are used where applicable. 20/12/2014 is the date this data sheet was updated. Check with Zico sales office to make sure you have a current data sheet, since this technical data may have changed


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